Hello, my name is Katy, I am a qualified music and drama teacher (8 years).

During my time as a secondary school teacher and currently as a youth theatre director, I have seen first-hand how drama can help children grow in confidence, develop in their sense of self and self-belief.  As a mother of two little children (aged 2 and 4), I have also seen how they too thrive on imaginative play and the worlds we create with make-believe and storytelling.

With my own personal experience and my knowledge as a teacher, I sought to create a drama class specifically aimed at younger children to capture their imagination early and bring the world of make-believe to life.

From the age of 2, this is the most important time in a little ones mental development. Through expanding imagination, children can learn new problem-solving skills that will help them throughout life, coming up with new possibilities and new ways of seeing and being.

Zozimus Drama was born!