Until further notice, every Zozimus Drama session will be run in accordance with the applicable UK Government guidelines in relation to COVID-19 (the “UK Government Guidelines”), which are in place at the time of the relevant Zozimus Drama session. While we will do everything possible to keep our sessions fun and enjoyable for you and your little one, you acknowledge that we will have to make some changes to our sessions in order to comply with the UK Government Guidelines.

Should you attend?

You must not attend any Zozimus Drama session if at any time in the past 14 days: 

1. you or your child has a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste, or any other symptoms described in the NHS COVID-19 Symptoms Guidance; and/or 

2. you or your child, other family members or anyone else that you have been in close contact with has displayed COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for the virus,

By booking a Zozimus Drama session you are declaring that to the best of your knowledge you and your child do not have Covid-19 and have not been in close contact with anyone that has Covid-19. 

Staying safe at the session 

In order to limit the spread of infection through singing, your session leader will wear a full-face visor, along with a microphone to amplify their voice in the case of larger rooms. Whilst it may feel a little strange, we request that you sing very softly and directed down towards your child, not out into the group.

For every session you attend, you and your child must: 

  1. wash or sanitise your hands on arrival at the venue before the Zozimus Drama session begins;
  2. follow any signs displayed at the venue in order to safely enter the Zozimus Drama session room and any signs in place (such as any one-way system signage) when moving in and around the venue and Zozimus Drama session room; 
  3. try to stay at least 2m away from other attendees and follow the session leader’s instructions in relation to social-distancing and limiting COVID-19 infection spread;
  4. wash or sanitise your hands as soon as the Zozimus Drama session has ended. 

Controlling customer numbers:

We will ask that only 1 parent/guardian or carer attend the session with their child.

All siblings attending the session must be accounted for to ensure we keep within the maximum numbers, this includes babies under 18 months who will not be charged. Please let the session leader know if you are bringing any children under 18 months.

In toddler and parents (Tiddler’s) sessions we encourage parents/guardians to wear a face covering during the session and when moving around the venue. Some venues may have additional safety measures in place. Your session leader will notify you of any venue-specific safety measures either when you book or when you arrive at the venue. You agree to comply with all safety measures in place at any session venue that you attend.

In our preschool and early years (Whylers & Curiousitors) sessions, unfortunately we will not be able to offer indoor facilities for parents/guardians to wait during session. You will be able to wait outside, as long as masks are worn and social distancing is adhered to, or wait in your cars. As always you are more than welcome to leave your child with us and come back to collect at the end.

Drop off  and pick up areas will advised in the risk assessments for the venue which you will receive before your first session.

At each session you will be met by the session leader at the door where we will provide hand sanitiser and we will be taking temperatures as an extra precaution.

Your session leader may ask anyone who does not follow these guidelines to leave the session, and refuse attendance to any future Zozimus Drama sessions. If you or your child are asked to leave a session because you have not followed these guidelines, you will not be entitled to a refund for the session.

Track and Trace 

If you and/or your child starts to display COVID-19 symptoms following a Zozimus Drama session you must immediately contact your session leader so they can take steps to notify the other people that attended your session. 

By booking a Zozimus Drama session, you agree that we can hold your contact details and use them to contact you if we believe that you may have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms. You understand that if we inform you that you have attended a session with someone who has later developed Covid-19 symptoms, you must stay at home for 14 days after that session, and neither you nor anyone from your household will be permitted to attend a session until those 14 days have passed.  

Any use of your personal data for the purpose of track and trace will be in accordance with our privacy policy, which you can read here

Bookings and cancellations 

In line with current UK Government Guidelines, we are running reduced capacity sessiones to ensure social distancing can be observed. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment! All bookings and payments must be made online until further notice. 

If your Zozimus Drama session is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic your session leader will offer you an alternative session at a later date. If you cannot or do not wish to attend an alternative session (whether online or on an alternative date) you may request a refund from your session leader. 

Whilst we will do everything we can to make your session comfortable and enjoyable, should your little one become unhappy and you cannot stay for the entire session, we cannot issue a refund as your place has already been held.