How are you COVID:19 compliant?

  • Each venue has had a thorough risk assessment carried out.
  • Entrances and exits will be marked clearly.
  • Temperatures will be taken on arrival & hand sanitiser available.
  • Session leader and helper will be wearing visors at all times.
  • Parents must wear masks at all time on entering and leaving the venue.
  • All apparatus used will be cleaned down before and after each session.
  • For the Tiddler’s class:- each parent and child will be issued a sanitised prop back which will be for their use only. At the end of the session the bag of props will need to be put into the large box (which will be clearly marked) for sanitising for the next week.

How much does it cost?

Each session cost is £6 but will need to be paid on a termly basis. However we have a New customer introductory offer of 3 session for the prices of 2 – at £12!

Where are the classes based and what time are they?

Tiddlers  – at 2pm Thursday at Abington Community Centre in Northampton

              – at 1.30pm Friday at Missions Rooms in Finedon

Whylers – at 3.45pm Thursday at Abington Community Centre in Northampton

             – at 4pm on Friday at the Missions Rooms in Finedon

Curiousitors -at 4.45pm Thursday at Abington Community Centre in Northampton

                    – at 5pm on Friday at the Missions Rooms in Finedon

What about the grown-ups?

Tiddlers is a toddler and parent class and we ask that you are there to support your little ones experience – but don’t worry you can be as involved as you want to be whether it’s being there to support or as a part of the magic!

Whylers & Curiousitors–  Due to current Covid-19 guidelines we ask the following regarding these two classes. Parents/guardians will need to drop their children off for the session. Unfortunately we won’t be able to offer the extra room for adults to wait during class at this time. However if you choose to wait, you can do so in the outside space as long as masks are worn and social distancing is adhered to. As always you are more than welcome to leave them with us and come back to collect at the end!

What will my child learn?

Each week the children will learn how to expand their imaginations by making a world of make-believe with me through a story chosen for that week. We will be using a mixture of songs, movement, acting and a little magic to bring well known classic stories to life!