How are you COVID:19 compliant?

  • Each venue has had a thorough risk assessment carried out.
  • Entrances and exits will be marked clearly.
  • Hand sanitiser is available and encouraged to use throughout the session
  • Parents may wear a masks if they so wish.
  • All apparatus used will be cleaned down before and after each session.

How much does it cost?

  • For new customers we offer a taster session for £3pp
  • Each class cost £6pp to be apid termly (e.g 6 week term = £36)
  • For our baby and toddler classes we do offer a PAYG option for £7pp a session. Please note that this must be booked a minimm of 48hrs in advance of the class.

Where are the classes based and what time are they?


Monday 11am –  @ 360 Play, Rushden Lakes


Monday 10am – @360 Play Rushden Lakes

Tuesday 10am – @ Abington Community Centre in Northampton

Friday 10am – @Missions Rooms in Finedon


Thursday 3.45pm – @ Abington Community Centre in Northampton

Friday 4pm – @ the Missions Rooms in Finedon


Thursday 4.45pm – @ Abington Community Centre in Northampton

Friday 5pm – @ the Missions Rooms in Finedon

What about the grown-ups?

Babblers & Tiddlers

These are child and parent classes and we ask that you are there to support your little ones experience – but don’t worry you can be as involved as you want to be whether it’s being there to support or as a part of the magic!

Curiousitors & Wonderators

We encourage parents to drop their child off for the session rather then sitting in with your child as we have found that the children really thrive with their new found independence – however understandably it can be daunting starting a new class for both parent and child –  therefore we are happy for parents to sit in for a few sessions until they feel their child is happy to be left in our care!

What will my child learn?

Each week the children will learn how to expand their imaginations by making a world of make-believe with me through a story chosen for that week. We will be using a mixture of songs, movement, acting and a little magic to bring well known classic stories to life!