At Zozimus Drama, our mission is to infuse nurseries and preschools across Northamptonshire with a burst of imaginative energy and creativity. We’re proud to partner with leading early years settings, including  Monkey Puzzle Irthlingborough and Queen Eleanor Primary Academy, bringing our unique blend of story-packed drama classes to the youngest learners.

Transformative Storytelling and Creative Exploration

Embark on a journey of discovery with Zozimus Drama, where every week unveils a new and exciting adventure crafted especially for nursery and preschool children. From sailing the high seas with pirates to travelling back to the age of dinosaurs, our sessions are filled with the magic of puppetry, music, and storytelling.

Our approach is designed to complement the EYFS framework, supporting the development of concentration, problem-solving skills, confidence, and self-awareness. We’re here to work alongside your setting, enhancing the themes you’re exploring with a touch of Zozimus creativity.

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"Zozimus Drama is just amazing! Every week Katy brings along different props to aid her story telling. Every session is full of excitement and creativity, you never know what you’re going to get from one week to the next. The children are always so engaged through out the whole class. Katy really knows how to capture the children’s imagination! Every week the children come to Nursery asking if it’s a ‘drama day’? You can’t ask for higher praise than that!"
Leanne Skelton
Nursery Manager SENDCO/DSL