Zozimus Drama offers exciting 30 minute drama classes, providing children with the chance to explore the wondrous world of make-believe. 

Each week provides a new exciting adventure, brought to life through a combination of props, music and storytelling. Some weeks we might be sucked into a storybook taking us to the high sea as pirates; or another week, we might travel back in time to the dinosaurs. 

Through our weekly classes, the children will develop key life skills in concentration and problem-solving, together with building confidence and self-awareness. Every session complements the EYFS and we can also work alongside your nursery setting to accompany the themes that you are focusing on.


"Zozimus Drama is just amazing! Every week Katy brings along different props to aid her story telling. Every session is full of excitement and creativity, you never know what you’re going to get from one week to the next. The children are always so engaged through out the whole class. Katy really knows how to capture the children’s imagination! Every week the children come to Nursery asking if it’s a ‘drama day’? You can’t ask for higher praise than that!"
Leanne Skelton
Nursery Manager SENDCO/DSL