Tell me about Nursery Sessions?

Zozimus Drama offers exciting 30 min drama classes providing children with the chance to explore the wondrous world of make-believe!

Each week provides a new exciting adventure brought to life through a combination of props, music and storytelling. Some weeks we might be sucked into a storybook taking us to the high sea as pirates; or another week we might travel back in time to the dinosaurs.

What are the benefits?

Through our weekly classes the children will develop key life skills in concentration, problem solving, together with building confidence and self-awareness. 

Every session complements the EYFS and we can also work alongside your nursery setting to accompany the themes that you are focusing on.

What is the cost?

We offer a free trial to demonstrate what Zozimus Drama can offer to your Nursery.

​We recommend a maximum of 16 children in each session and for larger numbers we often take 2 classes. 

For more information, prices and to book your free trial, contact us today.