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We focus on developing and stimulating children’s imagination by bringing stories to life in a creative and practical way.

We specialise in being a non-performance driven class. Our aim is for every child to feel comfortable, supported, safe and inspired to let go of their inhibitions and become absorbed in the worlds created around them.


Hello, my name is Katy, I am a qualified music and drama teacher (9 years).

During my time as a secondary school teacher and currently, as a youth theatre director, I have seen first-hand how drama can help children grow in confidence, develop in their sense of self and self-belief.  As a mother of two young children, I have also seen how they too thrive on imaginative play and the worlds we create with make-believe and storytelling.

With my own personal experience and my knowledge as a teacher, I sought to create a drama class that focuses on the creation and joy of imaginative play. A place where the children would feel safe, inspired and happy to express themselves, without the pressure to perform and, most importantly, a place to have fun!

Zozimus Drama has an exciting selection of classes offered across three age ranges – focusing purely on developing the children’s imagination and confidence. Each class has its own way of bringing adventures and stories to life, allowing the children to shape the action as it develops.

Building Confidence

Inspiring creativity and imagination

Providing a supportive and safe environment

Creating a sense of fun and silliness

Pushing the boundaries of imaginary play

Walkers to Age 3

This in an age where our little ones are becoming more independent and are beginning to learn new skills and problem solve.  Each session is structured in the same way, with a new story each week for the children to explore the world of make-believe. We use a combination of storytelling, role-play, music and puppetry to truly engage their little minds and to grow their imaginations.

Age 3-6 years

This is an age when your child is becoming a unique little person, full of ideas and imaginative games. In each session, the children are taken on an adventure to bring to life a story in a unique and creative way. Using a mixture of props and role-play, the children are encouraged to bring the characters to life and think outside the box to develop the story.

Age 6-11 years

This is an age when your child is starting to really find out who they are. They start using their imagination to develop cooperation and to begin problem solving. In each session, we develop the action through using drama games, skills and characterisation to bring the story to life.

These classes are fantastic for building confidence…

“These classes are fantastic for building confidence and communication skills in a relaxed and supportive environment, which is rich with fun and laughter.

Katy and her team keep the kids really relaxed and engaged and the way classes are led through storytelling and follow a familiar structure help the children to feel safe and secure as they know what to expect!”

Sarah Purser

What Katy has created is a masterclass in immersive storytelling…

“What Katy has created is a masterclass in immersive storytelling, perfect for children who love a bit of make believe. My little one comes out so excited about her adventures each week, she’s especially loved this term’s Roald Dahl theme. And as a bonus for parents at the Cogenhoe class – you get to sit in the Mud Kitchen cafe for 45 minutes of peace while you enjoy a cake! Highly recommend”

Lauren Osborn

My two year old asks me literally every day if we can go to Drama!

“My two year old asks me literally every day if we can to go to Drama! We both absolutely love the Tiddler sessions. She loves to sing and dance to the Zozimus drama theme song at the start of each session. Katy is so enthusiastic and ensures she engages with each and every child with the props or puppets etc. The bubbles and stickers at the end of the class are also a massive hit. The “clean up the room” song has even helped at home with encouraging my little one to put her toys away after playing with them! Thanks Katy”

Danielle Kam Wah Fox

I really feel like this class helped my son grow in confidence…

“We have been going to zozimus drama for a while and we look forward to it every week and finding out what the theme is every week! I really feel like this class helped my son grow in confidence, he is interactive every week and really enjoys joining in and going up to the front to see the puppets!

we now play magic rocks at home too and I just love seeing his imagination grow.

Katy is so accommodating and has been very kind when I have had to bring along a younger sibling or sometimes a spare grandparent!

I think the props and costumes make this class stand out above others, there is always something to keep the children interested and entertained. we will miss it very much when Theo is too old for the Monday class!”

Olivia Kerry

My son absolutely loves Zozimus Drama!

“My son absolutely loves Zozimus Drama. He is very energetic but rarely sits still for anything. Over the weeks we have been attending he has learnt to listen and fully engage in the activities thanks to Katy’s patience! He loves the different theme each week but also the familiar games and he can often be heard singing the Zozimus theme tune at home. I would highly recommend as a fun filled class that also teaches your little one confidence, listening and imagination.”

Samantha Perryman

Highly recommend for all kids especially if they love imaginative play…

“My daughter gets thoroughly immersed in the creative and energetic stories each week and looooves the zozimus drama song. Highly recommend for all kids especially if they love imaginative play”

Katy Anna Powis

The stories and imagination used are really great…

My little girl loves going to Zozimus Drama its great socially for her and building muscles and skills without realising it, she has come out her shell so much after going. The stories and imagination used are really great theres something to keep them all entertained. Katy is great with the kids encourages them all to join in.

Katy Allen