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At Zozimus Drama, we are passionate about bringing a spark of creativity and enthusiasm to schools throughout Northamptonshire. Our collaborations extend to esteemed institutions like Woodford C of E Primary, Irthlingborough Nursery and Primary School, Queen Eleanor Academy, Warmington Primary School, and Monkey Puzzle Irthlingborough, to name a few. We offer a diverse range of clubs and enrichment services, from engaging lunchtime gatherings to dynamic after-school clubs and imaginative drama services, all designed to ignite a love of learning and creativity.

Transformative Workshops and Enrichment Days

Dive into our enthralling workshops, specifically designed for primary schools keen on adding a magical touch to their curriculum. Whether it’s stepping into the whimsical worlds of classic fairy tales or exploring the inventive universe of Roald Dahl, our workshops promise an unforgettable adventure for pupils from Nursery to Year 6. Zozimus Drama is your partner in delivering an unparalleled enrichment experience that perfectly blends educational content with the joy of imagination. Reach out to us to craft bespoke moments of magic that will inspire and delight your students.

Check out Warmington School’s reviews on our most recent workshop below! Click Here!

Zozimus Drama Clubs: A Gateway to Imagination

Unlock the power of storytelling with our exclusive Zozimus Drama clubs, available for both lunchtime and after-school settings. We provide a nurturing space where children can explore and enact beloved stories, fostering a safe and enjoyable environment for creativity to flourish.

⭐️Curiousitors (Reception to Year 2):

Each session is a new adventure, where stories come to life in the most imaginative ways. Through the use of props and role-play, we encourage children to animate characters and think innovatively to evolve the narrative.

-⭐️Wonderators (Year 3 – Year 6):

Our sessions for older students focus on dissecting stories to enhance the action with drama games, skills, and character development, encouraging a deeper engagement with the material.

Choose Zozimus Drama for an enriching educational experience that promises not only to entertain but also to instill a lifelong love for storytelling and creativity. Let us help you make your school’s enrichment programme truly remarkable.

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Fairy Tale Workshop in Action at Warmington School

Thank you ever so much for joining us. The children had a great time!

Three of our classes have blogged about the day with pictures: (see links below)

Mrs M Aldous