General Questions


Curiousitors (3 to 6 years):

Thursday 4pm – @ Cogenhoe & Whiston Village Hall in Northampton

Friday 4pm – @ the Missions Rooms in Finedon

Wonderators (6 – 11 years):

Thursday 4.50pm – @ Cogenhoe & Whiston Village Hall in Northampton

Friday 4.50pm – @ the Missions Rooms in Finedon


Curiousitors (KS1):

Wednesday 12.40pm  -@Irthlingborough Infants School 

Curiousitors (KS1):

Wednesday 3.15pm – @Woodford C of E Primary School 

Wonderators (KS2):

Tuesday 3.15pm – @Woodford C of E Primary School 


Whylers (Preschool)

Friday 10am – @ Monkey Puzzle Irthlingborough

Curiousitors & Wonderators

We encourage parents to drop their child off for the session rather than sitting in with your child as we have found that the children really thrive with their new found independence – however understandably it can be daunting starting a new class for both parent and child –  therefore we are happy for parents to sit in for the first session until they feel their child is happy to be left in our care!

Each week we bring well known stories to life. With the Whylers and Curiousitors we explore stories from a different angle which allows the children to come up with their own ideas on how the plotline should go e.g. Superheroes saving the day from Roald Dahls Villainous characters! With the Wonderators we breakdown a well-known story and explore it through drama games, improvisation, imagination and role-play!

We are a NON-PERFORMANCE DRIVEN CLASS, so every child can feel comfortable and supported to let go of their inhibitions– a perfect way to build your child’s imagination and confidence!