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Discover Zozimus Drama: The Best Children’s Drama Classes in Northamptonshire!

Embark on a wondrous journey where creativity and imagination take flight at Zozimus Drama, the foremost choice for children’s drama classes in Northamptonshire, Northampton, Kettering, and Wellingborough. Here at Zozimus Drama, we’re passionate about nurturing young minds through the magical world of drama and storytelling.


Our unique approach to drama education is tailored to inspire and develop the creative spirit in every child. At Zozimus Drama, it’s not about the stage and the spotlight; it’s about the joy of participating, exploring, and expressing in a safe, supportive, and non-performance-based environment.

Join us at Zozimus Drama and witness the transformative power of drama. Let your child’s imagination soar in our expertly crafted sessions, and watch as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, making lasting friendships, and gaining invaluable skills that extend beyond the realm of drama.

Explore our site to learn more about our unique drama classes and how your child can become a part of this exciting journey!


Filled with excitement, Susie is all set to embark on her Zozimus Drama journey and is looking forward to launching her own classes after the upcoming half-term break.

Join her on Tuesdays from 27th February at Cransley Village Hall, Great Cransley

🌟4.30pm: Curiousitors (aged 3-6)

🌟5.25pm: Wonderators (aged 6-11)

Keen to try her classes out? Come along to a trial today! 

Building Confidence

Inspiring creativity and imagination

Providing a supportive and safe environment

Creating a sense of fun and silliness

Pushing the boundaries of imaginary play

This is an age when your child is becoming a unique little person, full of ideas and imaginative games. In each session, the children are taken on an adventure to bring to life a story in a unique and creative way. Using a mixture of props and role-play, the children are encouraged to bring the characters to life and think outside the box to develop the story.

Click here to find out our theme for the term .

This is an age when your child is starting to really find out who they are. They start using their imagination to develop cooperation and to begin problem-solving. In each session, we develop the action by using drama games, skills and characterisation to bring the story to life.

Click here to find out our theme for the term 

These classes are fantastic for building confidence…

“These classes are fantastic for building confidence and communication skills in a relaxed and supportive environment, which is rich with fun and laughter.

Katy and her team keep the kids really relaxed and engaged and the way classes are led through storytelling and follow a familiar structure help the children to feel safe and secure as they know what to expect!”

Sarah Purser

What Katy has created is a masterclass in immersive storytelling…

“What Katy has created is a masterclass in immersive storytelling, perfect for children who love a bit of make believe. My little one comes out so excited about her adventures each week, she’s especially loved this term’s Roald Dahl theme. And as a bonus for parents at the Cogenhoe class – you get to sit in the Mud Kitchen cafe for 45 minutes of peace while you enjoy a cake! Highly recommend”

Lauren Osborn

My son has been with Zozimus drama for 3 years and it’s been such a pleasure..

My son has been with Zozimus drama for 3 years and it’s been such a pleasure to see his confidence grow over that time. He loves the imaginative style of the sessions and it’s been such a confidence builder for him that he was able to successfully audition for the role of Oliver in a youth theatre production of Oliver! While Zozimus is a drama group it’s not a typical stage group set up and that’s absolutely its winning ingredient, because it means the children get to explore different mediums, add their own ideas to stories and interact in a way that feels comfortable to them without having to work through a script. It’s my sons favourite time of the week.

Natasha D'amorè

Zozimus has been amazing for my 4 year old…

Zozimus has been amazing for my 4 year old. She started an afterschool club and it has really helped her confidence and to cement some friendships as she knew no one at her school when she first started. She comes out happy, excited and exhausted, all signs of an amazing experience. Thank you Katy!

Esther says: “Drama is good because I learn lots of new things. I enjoy making new friends and doing the adventures. We have a new adventure each time and I like that.”

Claire Read

My son absolutely loves Zozimus Drama!

“My son absolutely loves Zozimus Drama. He is very energetic but rarely sits still for anything. Over the weeks we have been attending he has learnt to listen and fully engage in the activities thanks to Katy’s patience! He loves the different theme each week but also the familiar games and he can often be heard singing the Zozimus theme tune at home. I would highly recommend as a fun filled class that also teaches your little one confidence, listening and imagination.”

Samantha Perryman

I am so thankful I found this class…

I am so thankful I found this class. My daughter is 4 and I’ve always known drama is something she’d love. Over the years we’ve tried so many classes but they just haven’t been a fit for her. I don’t know what it is that Katy does but my daughter just LOVES her classes and each week is so excited to go. She always comes out beaming and we go home and have to recreate the story telling at home. Katy is incredible with the kids and is so understanding of different needs, she makes her classes fun and engaging. My daughters confidence has grown so much since joining and I’m so thankful to Katy. I’d recommend this class to absolutely anyone, your kids are guaranteed to love it.

When I asked my daughter what it is she loves about the class she said “she has lots of fun playing games and she loves Katy because she’s kind and silly”

Lauren Harvey

Zozimus Drama has been the perfect class for my son to explore drama

Zozimus Drama has been the perfect class for my son to explore drama and express himself without the pressure to perform to an audience. He’s been going for over a year now and has recently got a lead role in the NMTC Oliver Twist production which demonstrates how the classes have helped his confidence and acting skills.
My son (age 9) says “I love going to my zozimus drama group because not only is it fun, you learn drama through different stories. Katy is the most best teacher!”

Emma Bates

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Receive awesome news and up dates straight to your inbox!