Welcome to Zozimus Drama!

An exciting class offering your children the chance to explore the wondrous world of make-believe!

We offer drama and creative play classes to young children in and around Finedon.

Young boys and girls from 1.5 years old will develop key life skills such as:- communication, listening, concentration, problem solving; together with building confidence and self-awareness!

Through an exciting mix of songs, storytelling and role playing your child will have the opportunity to truly expand their imaginations, and most importantly have fun!


Once again we find ourselves in Lockdown! Not to fear we have decided to GO ONLINE until restrictions are lifted! Come and join us in the comfort of your homes to a world of imagination and storytelling!

You will find our full timetable and booking links in the tab above!

We look forward to seeing you!

I brought a 3, 4 and 5 year old to Zozimus Drama and it was perfect for all 3. There were great games, singing and learning. The kids loved dressing up and re-enacting a story together!

Charlotte Franks

The 3 little pigs story brought to life was brilliant! Very engaging and every child in the group was able to take part!

Rachel Chapman

My girls love the Zozimus Drama sessions, lots of activity, story fun and the opportunity to use their imaginations!

Emily Carter-Morris