Hey there! I’m Katy, the brains and heart behind Zozimus Drama, where imagination runs wild and creativity knows no bounds!

Reflecting on my journey, first as a teacher of music and drama in secondary school and now embracing the joy in my role as Director at the NMTC Youth Society, I’ve been privileged to see the transformative power of drama. It’s as though I’ve had a secret potion at my disposal, one that elevates confidence, moulds identities, and kindles a deep belief in oneself.

This experience, enriched by my adventures in motherhood with two little explorers, has allowed me to witness the sparkle in their eyes. The magic we create together through make-believe and storytelling lights up their world, showing me the true power of imagination.

Fuelled by these enchanting experiences and my educator’s cap, I set out to craft a drama haven focused on the sheer joy of imaginative play.

Envision a space where kids can truly be themselves, without any pressure to perform, just loads of fun! That’s where Zozimus Drama comes into play, originating in April 2021 in Northamptonshire. We’re all about bringing stories to life through the sheer joy of creative play. Our main objective? Unleashing each child’s imagination and providing them with a safe, supportive environment to be their fantastic selves. Oh, and we’re not about pushing them to perform—our focus is on having a blast and building that confidence and self-belief, all while creating some amazing memories.


Hello there! I’m Susie, and I’m thrilled to introduce myself as part of the vibrant Zozimus Drama community. My journey into the world of drama is deep and varied, having spent considerable time nurturing young talents in this captivating field. This is in addition to the fulfilling role I’ve embraced as a Teaching Assistant at Mawlsey Primary School, where I’ve had the joy of supporting and inspiring children in their formative years.

But my connection with the performing arts doesn’t stop there. I am also deeply immersed in the realms of acting, singing, and dancing. My artistic voyage has led me to the NMTC society at the Durngate, where I’ve had the privilege of embodying numerous significant roles, each offering me a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the essence of storytelling and character exploration. Furthermore, my passion for music has propelled me into the professional singing arena, where I’ve showcased my vocal prowess, captivating audiences with my performances.

The experiences I’ve gathered from these diverse roles have not only honed my skills but have also enriched my understanding and appreciation of the arts. They’ve taught me the power of expression and the importance of nurturing creativity in young minds, lessons I’m eager to bring to my new role.

I’m filled with excitement and anticipation as I prepare to embark on my Zozimus Drama journey.  I’ll be running my own classes at Cransley Village Hall on Tuesdays, and I can’t wait to meet all the young dramatists ready to explore the boundless world of imagination and creativity together!