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Expanding the curriculum with drama in your educational setting

At Zozimus Drama, we specialise in enhancing educational experiences through the transformative power of drama, seamlessly integrated with literature.

Our programs are designed to spark creativity and enthusiasm in both school and nursery settings across Northamptonshire.

Drama and Literature: A Synergistic Approach
  • Enhancing Language Skills: Drama helps develop robust language skills, essential for all students, especially those with English as an Additional Language (EAL).
  • Building Confidence: Through role-play and performance, students gain confidence, becoming more adept at expressing themselves and their ideas.
  • Supporting Comprehensive Development: Our drama activities are crafted to support the cognitive, social, and emotional development of students, reinforcing literature’s themes and characters in engaging and impactful ways.

Explore Our Offerings:

Nurseries or Early Years

Learn about the benefits of drama in early education, enhancing language acquisition, and cognitive development through storytelling and play.


 Discover how our drama clubs, workshops, and enrichment services can transform your school’s educational programme by integrating drama with classic and contemporary literature.