With a Zozimus Drama Adventure Party for ages 2 – 6yrs.  You and your guests will be transported on a thrilling adventure full of magic, excitement and make-believe.

What happens at a Zozimus Drama Party?

To make your party super special, you have the choice of seven exciting Zozimus Drama Adventures!

  • Knights, Princesses and Dragons
  • Dinosaur Hunt
  • Circus Mayhem
  • Jungle Safari
  • The Royal Escape (Princesses & Princes)
  • Super Hero Academy
  • Pirate Ahoy 

Your party will be highly interactive, full of music and movement, plus lots of imaginative play! 

What do I need to do?

  • Find a venue
  • Find a suitable venue large enough in which to dance Play! 
  • Invite your guests
  • We will send you our specially designed Zozimus Drama party invitations to download.
  • Leave the rest to us!

Ready to book?

Prices start at £130 for up to 20 children. To secure your party booking, we ask for a £50 deposit and, on receipt, we will send your complimentary party invitations. Alternatively, complete the party enquiry form below and we will be in touch: