With a Zozimus Drama Adventure Party, you and your guests will be carried away on a thrilling adventure full of magic, excitement and make-believe! All we need to deliver a wonderful party is a room large enough in which to dance and play, and a plug socket!

Our parties are aimed at 2 ages groups

*18m – 3 yrs

* 3 – 6 years

Your party includes:

  • 45-50 minute Zozimus Drama Adventure: with exciting original adventures your party will be highly interactive full of music, movement and lots of imaginative play!
  • A Party Theme of your choice: Knights, Princesses and Dragons; Dinosaur Hunt; Circus Mayhem; Jungle Safari; A Fairy Adventure; The Royal Escape (Princesses & Princes); Super Hero Academy & Pirate Ahoy
  • Props galore! – Using a combinations of bubbles, lights, instruments, parachutes, tunnels, puppets, costumes and much more
  • Party Invitations – We will send you our specially designed Zozimus Drama party invitations ­to download.